Two perspectives,
one goal.

Portrait of Claudia

Claudia Petersen

Say hello to Claudia! She kicked off her career studying Online Journalism and found her true passion in illustrating, diving deep into a world filled with colors.

Not just a wizard with a brush, she's also super skilled in content management, blending her love for storytelling with her knack for organization. Claudia's all about bringing stories to life with vibrant visuals and keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

Justus Kraft

Meet Justus! He started his journey studying Communications Design, then dipped his toes into the world of art direction, and eventually got hooked on coding.

He's a super talented guy who's just as passionate about the nuts and bolts of tech as he is about making things look beautiful. He loves to mix his skills, creating cool stuff that's both smart and pretty.

Black and white portrait of Justus

Think, try, repeat.

Our workflow is energized by a "think, try, repeat" mentality that keeps us agile and innovative. We prefer to dive right into the creative process, eschewing lengthy strategies in favor of hands-on experimentation. This approach allows us to test and refine ideas in real-time, ensuring that we’re always moving forward and aligning with your vision. We're here to iterate swiftly and smartly, transforming bright ideas into brilliant realities.

While we're quick to action, we don't chase every passing fad. Our roots are in design study, giving us a solid foundation in timeless principles that transcend trends. This balance of knowledge and nimbleness ensures that our designs aren't just contemporary but have the staying power to serve your brand's long-term aspirations. It's about crafting an identity that not only looks good today but will continue to resonate with your audience for years to come.

Commitment to partnership is at the core of our ethos. We immerse ourselves in your world, becoming as invested in your product or company as if it were our own. This deep dive allows us to fully understand your needs and the nuances of your industry, resulting in designs and concepts that truly embody the heart of your business. We're not just service providers: we're your creative allies, dedicated to a shared mission of making your brand visible.

Our blog

This is our little personal space in the internet where we write stories about our move to the countryside. We explore our new home, write about our travels with our self built camper van and other things in our life. Unfortunately, the blog is written in german language only.

Wedding photography and film

For more than a decade, we have accompanied couples on an important day of their relationship: their wedding. We capture the real moments of laughter, love and togetherness with our cameras to preserve them for generations to come. For us, it's more than just a side job, it's a project of the heart.

A wedding photo with a dancing group.The bride in the centre.Everyone sings along.