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Hi, we are Fem & Filou Studio. As a small team based near Hamburg in Germany, we work with companies to create and empower identities throughout all media.

With personality and passion we ask the right questions to provide solutions that fit your goal.

Portrait Claudia

Designing with Heart, Coding with Craft.

Portrait Justus

Strengthen your brand - Our solutions

At Fem & Filou - Studio, we combine good ideas with design and code. We support you and your company in building a presence, addressing the right customers and growing sustainably. We integrate ourselves into your team or act independently.

Branding & Communication
We help you to navigate and position yourself in the marketing jungle - with strategies that resonate and connect.

Creative design
From timeless logos to engaging websites, our design expertise lays the foundation for your brand's visual identity.

Lively illustrations
Bring your brand's message to life with customized illustrations that make your communication unique.

Photography + videography
Show your company in authentic images and moving stories that activate and inspire.

Progressive websites
Our code speaks the language of the future. We create sustainable, fast and accessible websites that stand the test of time.

Sustainable digital solutions
At a time when the digital footprint matters, we are committed to environmentally friendly web development.

Agile methodology
Our motto "think, try, repeat" ensures that we always move forward with solutions that work.

We take it personally
Your mission becomes ours. We dive deep into your world to develop solutions that reflect the core of your brand.

Our favorite tool

With 10 years of experience in developing websites with Kirby CMS, we are a reliable partner for efficient and long-lasting code. We are ready to support you with expertise, creativity and a pinch of North German charm.

Freelance work

As freelancers, we can play a crucial role, offering specialized skills and a fresh perspective on projects whenever you need it.

Where Great Ideas Grow

Our code has character, our designs have depth. Reach out for a collaboration that turns your bold ideas into beautiful realities.