Diverse services
that achieve goals.

At Fem & Filou, everything is about creativity and technology. We support you and your company in the areas of branding, design, illustration and web development to drive your brand forward. With us, your ideas become powerful results.

Branding & Communication

Find your place in the brand jungle: we navigate you through the complex world of branding and communication. With clear strategies that reach and inspire your target group, we help your brand to succeed.

  • Development of a strong brand identity
  • Target group-oriented communication strategies
  • Consistent brand messages across all channels

Illustrations for companies

Tell your story with pictures: Customized illustrations give your brand a personality and make complex content understandable. We express your message with creative and appealing illustrations.

  • Customized corporate illustrations
  • Visual enhancement of your communication media
  • Unique representation of your brand values

Photos & Videos

Bring your brand to life with photos and stories: Our reportage-style photography and videography captures the true essence of your brand. We tell your story through authentic images and films that create connection and evoke emotion.

  • Contemporary corporate photography
  • Memorable reportage-style video productions
  • Visual content that reinforces your brand message
  • Authentic representation of your company and values

Future-proof web development

Build the future of your online presence: we use modern technologies to develop sustainable, fast and user-friendly websites. So that your online presence is not only visually appealing, but also achieves long-term goals.

  • Developing sustainable websites
  • Optimization for speed and accessibility
  • Use of the latest web technologies

Our favorite tool

With 10 years of experience in developing websites with Kirby CMS, we are a reliable partner for efficient and long-lasting code. We are ready to support you with expertise, creativity and a pinch of North German charm.

Freelance work

As freelancers, we can play a crucial role, offering specialized skills and a fresh perspective on projects whenever you need it.