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Die Gartendesigner are experts in the field of gardening and landscaping with integrated pools. In over 80 completed projects, they have already brought a piece of vacation home to their customers. In order to convey this expertise to the outside world, we developed a corporate identity that radiates both emotionality and high quality.


Images that convince

In addition to the new image concept, we were also responsible for creating the photos and the image film. Our aim was to combine approachability and exclusivity.


Digital brand identity

With a newly designed website, die Gartendesigner now also have a digital flagship that lives up to their claim.

Large images ensure an emotional feel-good factor and the simple design with color changes underlines the quality level of the gardens and pools.

The website is connected to the Kirby content management system, which enables simple self-administration without compromising on performance or design.

Homepage die-garten-designer.de

One highlight is this module, which allows users to playfully discover the garden designers' services. The mouse pointer lights up the photo when the mouse is moved and touchpoints open an overlay on click, in which individual service modules are explained with photos from past projects and texts.